My Kid is Afraid of the Dentist, What Do I Do?

Don’t be shocked to learn your child might be afraid of the visit to the dentist’s office. Every child has fears of some kind, and we all had some kind of fear as children. If your child is due for a visit with the dentist, but has their own fear of the dentist’s office, you should know all hope is not lost.

One of the best ways to get your kid excited to go to the dentist’s office is to find a great kids dentist near me norco with an inviting, kid friendly office. There are some other things you can do, as well. Consider some of the below tips for comforting your child about a visit to the dentist.

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Easy Tips to Ease Your Child into the Dentist’s Office

Try some of these ideas when the time comes to encourage your child to visit the dentist’s office.

·    Find a dentist’s office with a kid-friendly atmosphere. You will find that some dentist’s office meant just for kids will have a fun, kid friendly vibe to it. There may be fun little things for kids to do while in the office, which will help them keep their minds off the fact that they’re at the dentists. Some offices may have video games and coloring books, for example.

·    Let the dentist try to encourage your child. Your child may not be scared of the dentist if he or she can sit down and converse with the dentist about something for a second. Let the dentist interact with your child in a friendly way, so they can see the dentist is not a threat.

·    Let your child have a treat after a visit to the dentist. Pick a fun toy or visit your child’s favorite restaurant after a visit to the dentist to reward them for being brave.

With a few of these tips and a little time, your child will hopefully become less frightened of the dentist. When they learn that the dentist is helping keep their teeth happy and healthy, they may be a little more excited for a visit to the dentist’s office.

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